Almost Ready<3 

1,2,and 3 almost ready<3….

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Sometimes I’m lonely.
Sometimes I’m scared.
Sometimes I feel like I’m never even there. 
Sometimes I play.
Sometimes I pause.
Sometimes I do things without a real cause.
Sometimes I think. 
Sometimes I cry. 
Sometimes I don’t know who to ask why. 
Sometimes I’m there.
Sometimes I’m late.
Sometimes I can’t even choose its fate.
Sometimes I sing.
Sometimes I rhyme. 
Sometimes I’ll do anything to get you off of my mind.
Sometimes I pout. 
Sometimes I scream.
All these times I want to wake from this dream.

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Chapters 1,2,and 3 !

Chapter’s 1 , 2 , and 3 will be up tonight !<3 

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he yo

Everyone KIK ME !


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loving-or-hating-deactivated201: I Luv Your Blog!!!!

Thank you ! xx

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Fanfic Introduction .

Sammy is a 17 year old girl, who just moved from Iowa to LA! As anywhere else, being the new girl is tough, and Sammy knew that, she just didn’t know it would be this tough. Things were completely different in LA than she thought. Sammy is an amazing dancer, but is afraid to show it at her new school. She goes to North Pacific High. Her brother Carter who is 22 landed a job here and is finishing medical school. Your mom, well. She has some issues. But you know how to handle them . You(sammy) is the mom of the family since your mother fell under bad health. Sammy is accepted into the LA school of Performing arts, but shoots down the offer..almost. Sammy walked into the studio where she was practicing and saw Justin. She knew right away that he was something special and he felt the same. When Sammy gets and unexpected surprise. Will her and Justin be able to handle it, and make their relationship last? 

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